What is Drown?
Drown is my main series i came up with when i first created my Instagram. Over the years I’ve been working on the story. Not as much as i wanted to but still. The characters Valenci and cure existed in my head for a long time but I never knew what to do with them.

Where does it take place?
The story takes place in the future but not very far in the future where civilization and technology would be super advanced. There have been several great floods due to occurrences called collapses .

What kind of powers exist in this world?
In the world of DROWN there exist 3 types of abilities : 1 Prana , 2 Augments ,3 Negates
Prana is a power shared by majority of living things on the planet however its more prominent among some people. This power allows people to use elemental abilities depending on what element they have an affinity for.
in this world there are very powerful abilities called augments, and humans are able to learn other abilities using prana. The abilities called augment allow to user to manipulate the property their augment is affixed to. Our main characters are Cure and Valenci. Cure possesses the augment of Temperature . This means he can control temperature to any extreme. There is a limit on effective range. But he can instantly freeze objects, boil them, Or stop an objects temperature from changing. Augments can be inherited in three ways if a person dies and has relatives that are still alive the augment will go to them based on who the person had a strongest bond with .
if the person has no relatives . The person they were emotionally connected to will get it. If the person has no relatives or no bonds it will go to the nearest person or a random person in the world

These powers, unknown to most humans come with a dark secret and originated from the Oasys
Negates are abilities meant to cancel or reject the effects of another person’s augment. the methods of learning how to perform negates are very rare and few have mastered it.

What are the major conflicts of the story?
There are 3 major conflicts in the story. The most major one is the Oasys conflict. Which lead to the Shiri Conflict, which led to other small conflicts.

Oasys conflict:
The Oasys are a race of powerful semi omnipotent beings. When They have offspring and the offspring mature to a certain age gaining power in the process. Instead of losing their status to the younger ones, The older Oasys would consume them

Tali-Mazar-Do is a Supreme Oasys of centuries. she had 3 offspring : Radiel, Cleant and Maoa when the time came when they became powerful to the point her title as leader was threatened she chose to consume them. Cleant was consumed. Maoa and Radiel managed to escape Radiel was at the end of his wits, partially consumed. of the 3 children of Tali Radiel was the most powerful however he also lost the most when they tried to resist consumption. Radiel fought back and consumed part of Tali at the last moment this allowed him to survive and escape with Maoa (when an Oasys is consumed even partially they will lose their immortality. Granted they will still live for several centuries there is a limit to how active they can be)
Radiel and Maoa fled and once they felt they were far enough away they were in the earth solar system. The small planet intrigued them and looked small enough so they descended there. Radiel realized he had lost so much just to escape if Tali found them they would definitely be consumed.
Radiel and Maoa faced two problems. 1: Radiel lost so much of his power and he was no longer at his full potential 2: even though they were weaker than usual now; They still Emitted an insane amount of aura. This would allow Tali to track them

In order for the power of an oasis to reach full potential an abundance of lifeforce is needed knowing this ,To deal with both problems at once Radiel chose to split some of his power into 20 portions. And spread them to 20 of the most intelligent life forms on the planet. These abilities became what we know today as Augments. Radiel’s plan was to harvest them one they reach peak maturity. Even after sharing that much of his power Radiel was still emitting traceable aura. To resolve this he gave a large amount of his power( just enough for him to no longer be traceable as an Oasys. His plan was should an emergency happen, he would track this human down and consume that chunk of his power quickly as opposed to having to track all the 20) to a human who was nearby and witnessed everything under certain conditions (one of those being Radiel forbidding the human from having children).
Maoa realizing what Radiel did chose to Merge with the planet and share some of her power and a piece of her with all intelligent life forms that exist on the planet (this resulted in the creation of Prana). This was to strengthen them and prevent them from going extinct before all of Radiel’s separated powers could reach maturity. In merging with the planet and life she could witness and learn of the life that existed there. Her main body still resides somewhere on the planet and she used it to create a barrier that would hide and protect planet.
In Maoa doing this she managed to save and preserve the human race. Despite Radiel and Maoa being– centuries old they were still young Oasis and were not the first to try to flee Consumption. The Oasys Arc (these are the elders of the Oasys, Tali is a member of this group) sent creatures they enslaved and used to track runaway Oasys ( These are known to the humans as the Shiri) These creatures were biologically stronger and stood at the peak of majority of mortal predators . should they be wiped out it would be highly likely it was the doing of an Oasys and The Parent would then be able to track the runaway .
The collapse refers to a conflict which occurred 223 years from the current time Radiel an maoa arrived on earth. after reports of a giant prana sphere surfaced. Many people came searching to find it , eventually a group of 2 men discovered it several kilometers underground. When they reached the place, there was in fact an abundance of prana crystals and in the center of it all was a girl (Maoa) this was in fact her main body. Upon realizing the girl shared some of the same features as Radiel the men tried to move her by force. In the process disrupting the connection she made with the . the result was the downfall of the barrier followed by a series of eruptions and tsunamis.
Shiri Conflict

When the first collapse occurred the raindrop shaped orbs that had been lingering and stuck on the barrier surrounding the earth, were able to make their way into the planet’s atmosphere. Several teardrop shaped orbs of pitch black filled the sky. That day the creatures known as the Shiri descended on mankind. The reason they did not descend earlier was because of Maoa’s barrier which trapped the shiri outside of the earth’s atmosphere, they could be seen at night however no one was able to confirm what they were, other than the fact that there were multiple of them around the planet.
The Shiri also known as skyline koi are massive flying creatures that resemble aquatic life. The shiri have a snarl that resembles the sound of a woman laughing It is unknown where they came from But they appeared after the first collapse.

There are many types of Shiri but for the most part they resemble fish. And the smallest Shiri is about 3 times the size of an adult human male. Although they resemble fish these creatures are extremely afraid of water. This is not known by humans until later on.
The Shiri Attack in intervals and then disappear. But for some reason they aren’t going away this time.

This chapter covers valencis backstory far before she became the an arms dealer and the leader of EQ ( EQ is a weapon and Security Company that sells weapons capable of killing Shiri with ease)

DROWNEQ chapter 1 valencis story

Phester: current slumlord
Valenci: an young orphan girl in the slums
Gwinei : valencis best friend, she is an albino ( they are currently hunted for thier bones)
Gwynn: an orphan , he is Gwinei’s younger brother
Meeya: an orphan girl
Zatari: a young orphan boy
Thugs : residents of the slum who work for phester
Mr.Nali: a farmer with a decent amount of land
Cmom: this is nenalia lhargo she’s a retired executive body guard
Cure : a young child , 2 years older than Valenci

*looking up at the sky*
In this world so many things are decided for you.

If I had a choice I would have chosen to be born to some wealthy family
Or at-least a family not here.

When you get to a certain low point you see the darkest depths of
Human nature

I don’t know what transpired before this place turned into what it is now
Everyone is fighting just to live through another day of suffering.

like lions and hyenas the people here are opportunists. It’s easy to go after the weakest prey children & the elderly.

Even if you are evenly matched In this world Being armed or having numbers is the difference between life and death , win or lose , confront or evade.

I wonder if that will ever change. One day I’ll change this world. Is what I’d say if I was some hero . Unfortunately I’m just another link in this chain of life .

Now that I think about it, I’m a lot stronger than all the kids my age. Maybe I can settle with just reducing the number of victims in my life. Yeah, that’d be nice

*Valenci gets punched in the face* 

Thug 1:(angrily)Fuck are you smiling about you brat.

Thug 2:Looks like the kids regained consciousness .

Thug 1: Look kid, us grown ups need to eat more than children in order to survive, you and your little friends have no use and are going to die anyways . So why not make things easier for yourself.

Valenci :I don’t have any food for you. Fuck off

From the corner of the alley another child enters , and walks towards the scene.

Gwinei: stop! Here’s the food

Valenci : gwinei what the hell are you doing why are you even here

Thug1: *tosses valenci* that’s more I like it, maybe you could learn a lesson or two from your friend here.

Thug2: now that I think about it you’re pretty cute little girl and your one of those white ones(albino). Hey Miguelhow much do you think we will get for this one

hearing this, furiousness floods valenci

Valenci: thinking to herself (im sick of this Maybe it’s time we stopped being victims too.I’m not about to let this happen)

*Valenci grabs a brick and whacks the first guy (thug 1)in the back of the head *

Thug 1: What the ???

Thug 1: *attacks with a kick*
*Valenci quickly evades underneath the kick . And smashes the brick into thug1 ’s temple region *

Gwinei:(in shock) sheesh!

*Valenci  then walks towards Gwinei angrily*

Valenci : Gwinei , we don’t give up our future for people who’s lives are already wasted. 

Gwinei: okay. But now that you’ve done this what if they tell phester.

Gwinei: should we kill them? No one will assume it was us since were kids

Valenci: nah I don’t think that’s a good idea phester will definately come looking for them .

Gwinei: won’t they just tell him what happened ?

Valenci: would you tell your boss you you got your ass beat by a little girl?

Gwinei : no but I’m not so sure about this.

Valenci: if anything happens I’ll deal with it . Let’s head back

Little did I know that was the worst mistake I could ever make.

Gwinei: seriously though , how are you so strong .

The next day 

 On this isle you have to be strong to get by.
I don’t know much about my father or weather he’s still even alive. By the time I was 6 my mother had already died but before that she taught me many things and how to survive . It was me and 4 other kids & we began to look after each other like family.

We were all talented but it’s very unlikely any of our talents would see the light of day.

Zatari was the youngest , he was good at and dancing and futbol
Meeya was great at swimming she would do the cleaning around our shack
Gwynn was good at reading writing and teaching the other kids he would also hold the fort down when no one’s here
Gwinei was our chef, she would cook whatever I brought back
And me . You could basically say I was good at hunting and physical tasks the others couldn’t do

Valenci: alright guys I’m going out, I’ll be back later

Everyone: Alright!

Its hard to survive out here but somehow we manage. For food during the summer I go fishing and I can usually bring 1 or 2 fish back. There’s also water from here, it’s not the safe to drink but it’s all we have . Sometimes I can get lucky and find a coconut or two and catch a crow

Mr.Nali let’s me work on his farm and do laundry in exchange for vegetables and a little bit of money. It seems someone was doing a live documentary of the isle. I kept working like usual

Valenci: Today was a fruitful day, I better get back

As I got home I noticed our shed was open, this was a bad sign ,

I stepped in and what I saw made my heart sink to my stomach.

Valenci drops the stuff she had with her

It was a grizzly scene, children dead on the floor and one bleeding in a corner

V: Why , why did this happen ! What did we ever do wrong .

Wake up guys please, wake up it’s me. Valenci said while crying

Gwynn: they took Gwinei I’m sorry V....I couldn’t do anything...I tried my best , the two from yesterday.. they took Gwinei..i begged..

*Gwynn said with his dying breath *.

Valenci: Gwynn, no wake up. come on youre always strong please. 

Valenci crying: someone please help, anyone !

Nearby neighbor : be silent there are people trying to sleep

They were right. People die everyday around here, infact I had seen countless people die.. it just hurts so differently when it’s someone you care about.
Zatari and meeya were dead and now Gwynn was. There was nothing I could do

It’s been so long since I cried like this.

I wanted to make them pay . Even so if I went out now to look for those 2 I would be captured and sold off. This was something I could not allow.

I knew who was responsible. I should have listened to Gwinei and killed them when I had the chance.

The next day

I buried zatari meeya and Gwynn.

I went to collect my payment from mr Nali. I didn’t bother to tell him what happened he might tell me to stop working and take some time off to get over it.

He was excited to see me and told me a woman and a child had come looking for me
Mr.Nali : ahh valenci there you are. . You’re a little late than usual . Is everything alright

Valenci trying to smile : sorry, yes I’m okay

Mr.Nali :Actually a woman and a child came looking for you

A woman and a kid?

Mr.Nali: yes they are actually back here waiting for you.

We go to the back room , and I see a woman sitting in a chair and a little boy standing besides her.

Nenalia: Oh you found her
I must say, I still can’t believe it.

Nenalia: Girl, what is your name?

Valenci: I’m called Valenci

*Cmom examines valenci . She Tries to touch her face but she dodges the hand *

Nenalia: oh, little girl it seems you’ve been through quite the ordeal . Don’t worry I, I’m not here to hurt you .

Nenalia : cure.

Yes mom? The boy answers

Nenalia: Come meet your sister

Cure and valenci both surprised: huh!?

*The two stare at each other*

Both cure and Valenci : Those eyes.. they are the same as mine

Valenci: I have no siblings there’s no way, besides our complexion is different is this a joke.

Nenalia: You are in fact siblings , I know because you and cure have the same wanning mark as your father .

Nenalia: Now tell me. Will you leave this place and come start a new life with us?
Or do you wish to stay here.

Valenci: There’s nothing left for me here. But I can’t go yet .

Nenalia: is that so? Tell me what unfinished business do you have.

Valenci proceeds to tell cmom the story:

Nenalia: I see now ..Poor child
I understand you want revenge. the time will come . But before that let us leave now . I’m sure they know they missed one.

Valenci thinking to herself: (She’s right but I just can’t leave without doing anything.. we worked so hard here. And those bastards took it away in one day)

Valenci: please give me some time to think .

Nenalia:very well.I will not force you but this offer won’t last forever.
Valenci:Thank you
I’ll head to the fields

*Thundering, and rain starts to fall *
*valenci looks up at the sky*

Valenci :(Meeya always use to say “the rain does not fall on one roof alone “
Does that mean as bad as I have it, someone somewhere has it equally as bad? I guess I should be thankful I’m able to have an opportunity to leave this place . If only I could have taken you guys with me.)

*Valenci runs back inside*

*Nenalia turns to look at her*

Valenci: okay I’ve decided to go with you

Nenalia: Wise choice! , My name is Nenalia Lhargo . You will now be known as Valenci lhargo. From now on I will be your second mother.

*Nenalia hugs valenci *

Nenalia: (I’m so happy I could cry , she looks just like him)

Valenci: should I bring my things

cure: nah don’t worry mom has new stuff for you at home .

Valenci:did she already know I would come?

cure menacingly:knowing mom she would have kidnapped you if you didnt

* valenci walked over to say my goodbyes to MR.Nali*

MR.NALI while laughing: mfufu You don’t say, so that boy was your brother huh. Take care of yourself.

Valenci gratefully:Thank you for everything ,pa Nali I will never forget the things I learned here.

*Valenci waved at mr.Nali as She headed towards the car *

We got in the car and we’re on our way out.*

*Valenci gets in the fancy car with cure and his mom and they make their way towards the exit of the isle*

Valenci: (Ive never seen this type of vehicle from the inside before)
Valenci:(Celebrities would come to this area to use the slums as a background to boost their public images but they’d never let us get close .)

Valenci: the seats , They are so soft .

Cure : you like that? If you press that button you can even make them warm or even massage you.

Valenci: Massage?

*Valenci pushes the button & a warm vibrating sensation climbs up her back*

Cure while smiling : cool huh ?

*Valenci nods her head and smiles*

*Nenalia glances at the mirror and sees the kids smiling , she smiled too, *

*but then her eyes turned forward and her expression grew angry*

As we reached the exit a group of 3 men walked in the street and setup a spike chain trap to block us from leaving .

The car slows to a stop
Cure: huh why are we stopping ? I don’t see a red light

Nenalia: valenci are these friends of yours

Valenci with a vengeful glare : no it’s them , he’s the one who ruined everything

Nenalia: leave it to me.

*The men walk towards the car one of them approaches the window*

*Nenalia lowers the window just a little*

Thug 4:-while grinning- hohoho where do you think you’re going

Nenalia: I was just leaving do not waste my time

Thug 3: ooo she’s got a mouth on her , watch your mouth before we put it to use woman. just cause you’re a foreigner doesn’t mean you can have your way.

Thug 2: look who’s hiding here in the back seat , it’s that girl that snuck me and Miguel with a brick

Thug 2: we came back looking for you but you weren’t there , did you ,Like what we did to your little friends

Thug 2: we were just going to take the supplies and the albino but That one little bastard kept trying to fight back and even bit me so I put some holes into him

*Valenci glares at the man*

Thug 2: ooo scary , Little kids need to know their place.

Nenalia: (I see so this is the one responsible)

Thug 2: get out of the car . Now

Nenalia: I decline

Thug 4 :I will blow your brains out bitch

Nenalia thinking to her self while examining the thugs (hm one with an assault rifle one with  pistol and a third with a blunt weapon.I can manage)

Thug2 : I’ll break the window and grab the boy, maybe then she’ll listen

*Thug 4 smashes the rear seat window ,grabs cure by the collar and pulls him out *

Cure : ughhh ow,

Nenalia: cure keep cool , valenci stay in the car.

as she said that, Cure expression and demenor immidiately change

*Nenalia rolls down the window and asks the thug in the front to grab the keys from the ignition*
• Y? They want the car. And it’s to make them drop their guard down, she’s holding the pistol with her left hand but he can’t see it, while he reaches inside she can get a clear shot and use him for cover

Nenalia:[sarcastically] I’m too scared to move can you get it , do you mind ?

*The thug(3) scoffs but reaches in to grab it , just like that , nenalia puts 3 holes in his chest and exits the vehicle.*

Thug 2:What the fuck , she’s got a gun!

*Thug 2 shoots at her 4 times but she uses thug 3s body as a shield*

Thug 2: fuck I’m out of ammo !

*Nenalia shoots thug 2 in the shoulder. He screams and his pistol is tossed in the air and lands on the other side of the car*

Thug 2 what the hell are you waiting for ? shoot the bitch

*Thug 2 turns to look at thug 4*

*Thug 4 is frozen completely solid and unable to move, his hands are covered in ice crystals leading emerging from the part that is gripping cure*

Thug 2 while fleeing: this is bullshit , what the fuck just happened . who is this crazy bitch, and that kid ,That kid must have an augment theres no way he could use prana with no circles.

Thug 2 while still running: You bitch you’ll pay for that


Nenalia and cure are both surprised .
She wasn’t the one who shot the man , but it was infact valenci
Valenci had picked up the dropped gun
the man was hit in the leg
He’s still limping away ,

BOOOOM!! she shoots him again, he falls to the ground and rolls over

Thug 2 : (Franticaly)FUCKKKK IT HURTS , wait stop I’m sorry
*Valenci walks forward to him and stands over him *

*the man tries to crawl backwards while facing her*

Thug2: I’m sorry I’ll never do it again . Just let me go I beg of you . If you let me go I won’t tell the boss to come after you anymore

*Valenci lowers the gun *

Thug 2 :(that’s right you brat, let me go, I’ll make sure to take my time killing you when I find you)

Valenci : say please

Thug 2: Please! Dont!

*valenci looks at the man, her face covered in disgust and malice*
Valenci: what did you do when Gwynn said the same thing to you?

thug2: Huh? Who the fuck is g-

just like that a bullet went through his head, he died instantly. the sound of the shell echoed in the air.

*valenci kept squeezing the trigger but the gun was already out of ammo*

*Tears filled valencis face*

Valenci while crying: Meeya, zatari , Gwynn , I did it, I’m sorry you guys had to get hurt first for me to understand . I hope wherever you are now you don’t hate me. 

*Nenalia walks over to valenci and puts her hand on her shoulder*

Nenalia: it’s okay , it’s over now . Let’s go*

*Nenalia looks over at valenci who is clutching the gun with tears rolling down her face*

Nenalia:(I guess she feels safer with it, even though it’s unloaded .
I’ll take it away from her later)

*The 3 got back in the car and made their way to the airport.*